SPONSORSHIPS are available and needed for all programs.

Please contact the Festival office for information on how to become involved.

Programs are conducted every month throughout the year.  A sample list of programs includes:

KidFilm® (January 24-25, 2015; program now in its 31st year)
--Sponsors needed to underwrite the Public Programs (for family audiences, kids and adults)
--Sponsors needed to underwrite the Arts-in-Education Outreach Programs (for 5,000+ DISD students and educators, Grades K-6)

Watch the Academy Awards® in Dallas  (February 22, 2015)
Join us for the movies biggest night of the year!  For thirty years, the USA Film Festival has hosted Dallas' most fun way to watch the awards telecast!  Funds raised from the Dallas event support the Festival’s KidFilm outreach programs for 5,000 DISD students and teachers.
If you would like to underwrite the event (modest sum) for the USAFF membership, please contact us.

Spring Festival (April 22-26, 2015)
Now in its 45th year, the USAFF Spring Festival is one of the oldest, most respected festival events and film arts organizations in the U.S.A.  Event features master artists, mid-career filmmakers and emerging artists in attendance for all programs to present their works.
Sponsors are needed to underwrite individual programs, events and nightly receptions.

National Short Film & Video Competition (Academy-qualified; 37 years running) 
Awards program takes place on Closing Night of the annual Spring Film Festival, April 26, 2015.  Over 600 U.S. entries are submitted each year.  Cash Awards are presented in multiple categories. 
Sponsors are needed to underwrite the cash Awards (publicized nationally).

Monthly Screenings & "Meet the Filmmakers"® programs (year-round)
Sneak previews of new films are presented 30-40 times per year before the films are released in area theaters, frequently with artists in attendance.  Sponsors receive on-screen credit before programs every month.
Sponsors are needed to underwrite travel costs for artists and logistical costs for the programs.

Tributes & Premieres (year-round)
Master artists are honored with their works; Premieres of new films are presented with filmmakers in attendance.
Sponsors are needed to underwrite travel costs for artists and logistical costs for the programs.

TexFest (held periodically throughout the year)
Showcase for new films with ties to the Lone Star State (shot in Texas, etc.); films are presented with filmmakers in attendance.
Sponsors are needed to underwrite logistical costs for the programs.


Outreach activities are conducted in concert with all programs throughout the year.  The Festival has outreach partnerships with over 200 local and national nonprofit organizations, social service agencies and other community service providers.


Underwriting opportunities at all levels are open to corporations, businesses, foundations and individuals.

♦ Sponsorship Benefits are customized to best benefit each participant.

♦ Sponsors receive recognition and marketing benefits on their selected/sponsored program/event and in conjunction with programs throughout the year.

♦ We over-deliver on benefits.  Our sponsor benefits are the most accessible and offer the best value and ROI.  

♦ Compare and contrast.  Most of our Sponsors have been with the organization for many years -- several are 40-year partners! 

♦ Sponsorship contributions to the 501c3 nonprofit USA Film Festival arts organization are tax-deductible.

♦ Since its inception in 1971, the USAFF has conducted voluntary financial audits of the organization every year and is considered one of the best-managed cultural organizations in the city of Dallas.

♦ Government support -- The USA Film Festival receives city, state and federal funding for its programs and operations (a rigorous process that denotes a healthy organization). 

The USA Film Festival is not affiliated with any other Dallas area film/video organization.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences affiliations:

♦ The USA Film Festival's National Short Film Competition is an Academy-accredited program (one of the oldest in the U.S.).
 For 15 years, the USA Film Festival has hosted the only official Dallas Oscar watching event (designated by the Academy).
 The USA Film Festival and KidFilm are both multiple grant recipients from The Academy Foundation.

Please contact the Festival for more detailed information about these and other year-round programs, benefits available to sponsors, etc.

Managing Director
USA Film Festival
6116 N. Central Expressway, Suite 105
Dallas, Texas 75206
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